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Druifje's puppies

by | Apr 12, 2024



Yesterday, all puppies went to the grooming salon. The nails were clipped again and this time we also shortened the hair between the soles of the feet. We do this not only because this is part of the basic care of the puppies but also to get them used to actions they will experience for a lifetime.

The puppies are now three weeks old


Now that the puppies are three weeks old, they will start using a larger space and we will start toilet training on the artificial grass mats.

The eyes are open and the puppies can walk. Meanwhile, we can also see a bit more of the individual characters.

For the females, we are still looking for a nice home.

Already over a week old


The puppies are over a week old and growing as we had hoped. Grape is a very good mother and takes very good care of her puppies but also of herself. She can so enjoy the sunny weather we are having now.

Druifje's puppies have been born!

On Saturday afternoon 16 March, Druifje's puppies were born. It was a smooth delivery, the puppies have neat birth weights and the puppies are nice and fat.

They are three brown-skinned and one white puppy, two males and two females. They are enjoying themselves again.

Just a few more days until delivery

Just a few more days and the puppies will be born. Meanwhile, the whelping box and puppy pen are in place for the first few weeks.

A few times a day we take her temperature. About 24 hours before delivery, most bitches go through a temperature drop of about one degree.

Two weeks to go until delivery

Grape has been trimmed in the meantime. We actually thought we could wait until after the puppies were born but the hair did grow very fast.

Dove is doing very well, two more weeks until the puppies will be born. Meanwhile, her belly is starting to get fatter and fatter. Next week another herpes vaccination and deworming so everything is optimal for the delivery.

A small belly is now visible

Grape is an active little dog who likes to work. She also loves to go for walks and can then run free as she always stays near us.

Now that she is pregnant, Druifje is more in need of napping and we do that a lot. At this stage, it is important that there is as little stress as possible so that she puppies can develop in a wonderfully relaxed way.

Three weeks after first mating

Grape is pregnant!

As we were very curious to see if the mating was successful anyway, we had a pregnancy ultrasound done at the vet a little earlier than planned. The puppies were still very small, but we did see some.

It is still always exciting because anything can still happen. Now with a very small belly which will hopefully grow bigger and bigger in the coming weeks.


After the progresterone levels indicated that ovulation had occurred, we had Druifje mated with Ace.

During a mating, the dogs are attached to each other for some time, in this case up to 45 minutes! Now it is about 3 weeks of waiting until we know if the matings are successful.