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Now that the lagotto puppy is almost here, shopping for your pup can begin too. But what do you really need?
We have listed the items we recommend. Of course, there is also a link to our webshop here.


Useful list

 Bench dimensions 75x50x60 is spacious to start with. You could even start with a 60×40. Possibly a puppy run so you can let the puppy play safely from time to time without supervision.

–  Blanket For the crate, make sure you have two, so you always have a clean one. Never put towels in the crate, should they eat a piece of it, this material easily sticks in the intestines. We are very enthusiastic about the HuggleHounds fleece beds.

–   Toys look for variation (hard, soft, with and without sound and possibly light), different toys give different stimuli. Also pay attention to safety. A floss rope can be great fun, but eating the threads can be dangerous. So play with a floss rope only under supervision. Many dogs like to remove the stuffing (teddy bear blood) from soft toys. Do not throw away the piece that remains, many dogs play with it for a long time. Sometimes dog toys are very expensive, this sometimes says something about quality, but not always.

–   Chew There are several toys on the market for this purpose. Chewing is important for your pup during teething and molting. Think Sodapup, nylabone, kong (red medium). Ensure safety while chewing.

–   Strap  You start with a puppy leash and collar size XS. Dogs do not need to pull on the leash. A lot of attention from an early age ensures a life without pulling. We are very enthusiastic about Max & Molly collars and leashes -> https://lagotto-grooming.com/collections/voor-puppies–       

Brushes Initially, you can start with a mild brush, this helps especially in getting used to brushing. After that, we recommend using a green activet. Comb after brushing with a coarse comb (teeth far apart, often a wooden handle). 

–   Shampoo We wash our dogs with different products including Yuup. Yuup grooming products come from Italy and are very easy to use. We can also provide these products. If you want to wash your puppy, always use a shampoo especially for dogs.

–  Water and food bowl There is a huge choice, but think about hygiene, plastic is the least hygienic. 

–  Biscuits Rewards are necessary (you can just use puppy kibble here, e.g. eukanuba lamb and rice). An excess of different rewards can create a haribo effect (excess of consuming products that are not actually food). Result; hypersensitivity, diarrhoea, vomiting, hyper behaviour. We often use the breakable rewards from laconic kronch.

–  Puppy food  The breeder will always advise on nutrition, Our puppies grow up on Energique meat food. We recommend continuing this until the age of one year. By doing so, you work on building a healthy intestinal flora. You could feed the pup both meat and kibble from around three months of age, in which case we recommend Eukanuba's puppy kibble (lamb and rice).