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by | Mar 25, 2024

Frequently asked questions

Getting to know the breed
Have you not yet met the lagotto in real life? Then it's a good idea to do so first. For example, you could go for a walk with us once. Contact us to make a walking appointment.

Why we sometimes have older puppies available
We regularly keep 1 or even 2 puppies reserved for ourselves or exports for a bit longer. This gives us time to decide whether we want to keep a pup from the litter ourselves. It can therefore happen that we sometimes have a puppy available that is already 9 weeks old or older.

Are there any older dogs/replacers
We occasionally have (young) adult dogs for whom we are looking for a new home. More information can be found on the young adult dogs page

How does it go from here?
Already met the lagotto and still enthusiastic? Then fill in the form below or send an e-mail answering the questions at the bottom of this page. We will normally send a reply within a week and will then be happy to make a phone appointment for a further introduction.
When the puppies are born, we will keep interested parties informed via whatsapp. When the puppies are about 5 weeks old, we will schedule an introduction to the puppies. We think peace and quiet for mother and puppies is very important.

We live in Belgium, what does this mean for us?
There is currently no possibility to move puppies from the Netherlands to Belgium without a rabies vaccination. The puppy will therefore have to stay with us longer.

During the time the puppy stays longer, we will start crate training and walking on the lead will be practised. Furthermore, the house training and socialisation that have already started will continue.

This entails additional costs for vaccination, feeding and upbringing. We charge a fee of € 500 for this, including 21% VAT

What does a puppy cost?
The puppy price for 2024 is set at €2600 including 21% VAT


Druifje's puppies have been born!

On Saturday afternoon 16 March, Druifje and Ace's puppies were born.

father: Rozebottels Ace up your Sleeve at Kimik
mother: Rosehip's Massi Fitti

If all goes well, these puppies could be leaving the nest from 7 May 2024. If seriously interested, please answer the questions below by mail.

Would you like to follow the development around Druifje's 3rd and final litter? We have a own page created.

We have one more female available from this litter.

If you are seriously interested in one of our puppies, we would like to ask you to send an email answering the questions below: rosebuds[a]gmail.com.

- why are you interested in the lagotto and what do you expect from a puppy?
- What is your family composition and what can you offer a lagotto?
- what is your experience with dogs?
- how do you guys see raising a lagotto?
- what do you expect from us?
- Is there a gender preference?
- At what time can you receive a lagotto puppy?

Enthusiastic? Read the text below carefully first!
Below is some information about our working methods and vision. If, after reading this, you would still like a puppy from us, please be sure to fill in the form below. By the way, filling in a form does not immediately mean that we will offer you a puppy.

When will we know if a puppy is available for us?
When the puppies are about 5-6 weeks old, we organise a morning/afternoon where all potential new owners can visit the puppies once.

When we invite you for an introduction, this does not automatically mean that you will get a puppy. We like to keep the possibility open for both you and us to not come to a purchase agreement at any time. We will keep you informed via whatsapp on a regular basis.

Who gets which puppy? 
Here we mainly look at what the puppies show; behaviour, interaction etc. We always keep the gender preference. We cannot give a preference for colour, as character and dog-handling are more important to us than colour. We usually don't know which puppy will go to which family until the puppies are 6.5 weeks old. We introduce a puppy to the new family.

Is the colour of the puppy important to you? 
We understand that there may be a colour preference, however, we feel that the colour is secondary to the owner-dog interaction. If a colour preference is important to you, we recommend contacting one of the other breeders in the Netherlands.

Litter socialisation 
We work according to the guidelines of Puppy Culture. A litter socialisation programme that pays a lot of attention to the right balance between exploring/ learning/ exploring/ playing and rest. Not too much and not too little. This fits well with our human experience with sensorimotor integration therapy.

Good to know 
All our puppies are microchipped, dewormed several times and have had their first vaccination before leaving the litter. We register the puppy in a database and when it leaves us, we have to deregister it. It is up to the new owners to re-register the puppy in a recognised database.

All our puppies have a pedigree issued by the Raad van Beheer. We work with a purchase agreement, which we will send to you a few days before the pups leave the litter.

We advise everyone to get pet insurance for their new housemate. In today's animal care climate with big investors, vet costs are rising fast.