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Poisoning in dogs

by | Oct 24, 2023

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The lagotto is a dog that is used for looking for truffles, so it is not surprising that the lagotto is a dog that often looks for something edible.

To pick out everything they find and put in their mouths, they need their owner. But what is safe and what is not safe for your lagotto? Or what could even be fatal?

To give an insight into what is safe and what is not, we have created this page.

"Firm and loose" or "just give"

From the first moment the lagotto puppy comes into your home, it will start discovering the world with its little mouth. They will grab things and suck on them, bite them and, with some regularity, eat all kinds of things.

They are particularly talented at finding all kinds of things that are attractive for them to get to know or eat. Recognisable for many dog owners, and especially for lagotto owners, sometimes a real struggle and frustration. With some dogs, only walking with a muzzle is still a safe solution. So that anything can no longer be eaten. A persistent problem because eating what you find is self-rewarding behaviour for the dog.

If young puppies learn from the first moment that you can grab something but also let go, that "give" and "leave" are an option. That you can trade something for a reward, then you can control eating unfamiliar things. Teach your pup this from the first moment he is with you.

Links to pages with more information on poisoning in pets.

LICG poisoning at

Symptoms of poisoning

Toxic substances for dogs and cats

Pay attention to

 You might not immediately think of it but the following things can be very dangerous for your doggie.

Relief of horses When horses are dewormed, some of the drug used will be found in the faeces. For dogs, Ivermectin is not a registered drug.

Mushrooms from Amanita family, including fly agaric and green tuberous mushroom and other mushroom species can be highly toxic and life-threatening to a dog. If in doubt, identification of the species can be requested in this facebook group. If your doggie has eaten a mushroom and is sick, go to the vet immediately. In the following facebook group they can identify the mushroom in case of emergency.

Cleaning products Some cleaning products are very dangerous for dogs.

Peel of walnut The nut itself is not toxic per se. However, the green shell around the walnut is poisonous.

Blue-green algae is highly toxic to dogs and can cause a life-threatening situation. Teach your dog to enter the water only if you give permission. 

Chocolate Because there is a toxic substance in chocolate, eating chocolate can cause serious problems. the darker the chocolate the higher the concentration of this substance.


This information is for educational purposes only and does not replace veterinary advice.