IDS Arnhem

Rozebottel’s Chocochips cupcake 1Exc CAC BOB

Owners: Sjef and Annemarie Hoogendoorn

2 lagotto entered for Wim Wellens (NL) 

Rozebottel’s family day 2017

After we had the first family walk last year we had the second one this year. It was so amazing to have so many Rozebottel’s dogs and owners together. 

The morning started with a walk on the Loonse and Drunense duinen. Afterwards we had lunch and a lecture about truffles from an italian breeder and truffle searcher (Andrea Langiani). 

We finished the day with an introduction to smeller work. 


Rozebottel’s Toffee Blondie Junior CAC, CAC and BOB

Handled to perfection by Ilona Griffioen. Thank you once more for your help. 

KCM Lagotto Romagnolo Club Nederland

We had a super succesfull day at the Dutch specialty.  We entered 7 dogs and in addition there were 3 other Rozebottel’s entered by their owners. 

We are proud, happy and thankful to the team of wonderful people around us. 

37 entries for judge Dinanda Mensink (NL)
The Boys

Rozebottel’s Playboy CAC and BOS. New Dutch Champion

Unico della Taparina reserve CAC

Gleska Made my Day Junior CAC 

The girls

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie CLUBWINNER 2017, CAC and BOB

Rozebottel’s Toffee Blondie Junior CAC and reserve CAC. New Dutch Junior Champion

Gleska Goody-Goody veteran CAC, BOB-veteran

Rozebottel’s fashionista BOB-puppy (8 puppies entered), owner Laura Smits

Rozebottel’s Pepermint patty 1exc in Champion class, co-owner Astrid Straaijer

Rozebottel’s Betty Boop 2exc in Champion class, owner Erik Haartman and Ismay Vet

Rozebottel’s Chocochips cupcake 1exc in intermediate class, owners Sjef and Annemarie Hoogendoorn. 
We were the only breedersgroup and by that they won BOB breedersgroup. For the occasion we brought all 7 in the ring. 

IDS Luxembourg

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy CACL CACIB 🍾Luxembourg Champion 🍾International Champion!

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie CACL CACIB BOS

Gleska Made my Day Exc 2

Gleska Goody-Goody 🍾Luxembourg Veteranen Champion 🍾best veteraan bitch in show 

2 days of supported entries, Texas 2017

After the Specialty there were 2 days of supported entries in Fort Worth (Texas). 

Mack (Rozebottel’s Big Mac at GrandCru) won the breed both days and was placed second in a huge group both days!!!!

Brownie (Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie) took a 5 point major both days and finished her championship with that in only 3 days. On Sunday she was BOS. 

US National Specialty 2017

🇺🇸 US National Specialty 2017 🇺🇸
🏆Our US pride Rozebottel’s Big Mac at GrandCru “Mack” won BEST OF BREED!!!! 

🏆Miss Brownie (Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie) was BEST OF OPPOSITE from Bred-by class for a 5 point major. She was also best Bred-by in breed. 

Wouter’s other son in the US, Larcan’s Grand Finale “Finn” won winners dog for a 5 point major and finished his championship. Finn is bred and owned by Robert Sobon and Lisa Sobon. 

What a truly amazing day we had!!!

Thank you to all who have been involved in Mack’s success. Melanie Steele, Rindi Gaudet, Julie Bailey, Mary Killigrew Wood, Bonnie Jeffrey Chase 

Judge: Douglas Johnson (Clussex Kennel)

Crufts 2017

🏆 Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie BEST OF BREED 

🏆 Gleska Goody-Goody reserve Best Bitch

🏆 Rozebottel’s PlayBoy 1st in open dog

Rozebottel’s Thyme Will Tell “Time” second in class

Westminster 2017

🇺🇸🏆Westminster 2017🏆🇺🇸

Rozebottel’s Big Mac at GrandCru “Mack” BEST OF BREED. 

Mack is handled by Rindi, she brings the absolute best out of him. We are so lucky that he found his owners that make everything possible Melanie Steele Julie Bailey Bonnie Jeffrey Chase. Thank you all so much for everything. 

Pictures by the very talented Holli Murphy. Thank you. 

And his official picture

Rozebottel’s Big Mac at GrandCru Westminster BOB 2017

Dogshow Eindhoven

There were 5 Lagotto entered for judge Mr. G. Mensink (NL)

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy BOB and Group#2!!!! The group was judged by Mrs. Gerda Half- van Boven (NL)

Gleska Made my Day BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!!!!! Best puppy was judged by Mr. Dick Rutten (NL)

So proud of our boys ❤

Amsterdam Winner & Holland Cup

Rozebottel’s Thyme Will Tell “Time” came over from Norway to compete at the Amsterdam Winner Show weekend. 

She was handled to perfection by Ilona. Won 3 CAC’s during the weekend and 2 titles AMSTERDAM JUNIOR WINNER 2016 & AMSTERDAM WINNER 2016

Swedish winner show 2016

Photo: Jolante Andersone

64 entries for Orietta Zilli from Italy

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy “Bunny” EXC1 CK, BD-1, CACIB, SWEDISH WINNER 2016, BEST OF BREED

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie EXC1 CK, BB-1, CAC, SWEDISH JUNIOR WINNER 2016, SWEDISH WINNER 2016, BOS

Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicious EXC1 CK BB-3 CACIB, reserve CAC

Rozebottel’s Grappa EXC1 CK, BB-4, reserve CACIB

Lilla Stockholm, Sweden

54 Lagotti entered for Mrs. M-L Doppelreiter (A).

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy CAC/CACIB/BOS


Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie junior class winner, BB-3 CAC

Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicious EXC 2 CK

Rozebottel’s Grappa EXC

Herning Denmark (Nordic and Danish winner shows)

For a long time we knew we would go to this years show in Herning. Two judges with a hart for Lagotto were invited to judge the breed. Who could imagine we would go home with such fantastic results.

To win such a strong group at such a big event is magical. 

On Saturday it was Danish Winner show judged by Claudio de Guiliani (Italy)

Rozebottel’s Play Boy Danish Winner-16 CAC CACIB Best of Breed

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie Danish Junior Winner, Danish Winner-16 CAC Best of Opposite 

Rozebottel’s Grappa Exc2 Best Bitch-3 

Unico della Taparina Exc2 CK
On Sunday it was time for Nordic Winner show judged by Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden)

Rozebottel’s Play Boy Nordic Winner-16 CAC CACIB Best of Breed GROUP#1!!!!!

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie Nordic Junior Winner best bitch-2 CAC

Rozebottel’s Grappa Exc4

Unico della Taparina Exc2 CK

Double show Bleiswijk

Ilona showed Rozebottel’s Toffee Blondie to perfection at the double international show Bleiswijk.

Blondie won the breed both days from junior class at her first weekend out. She collected two junior CAC’s and two full CAC’s this weekend. Biggest thank goes to Ilona and mum who made sure she was present and shown.

Benelux winnershow Nederland, Maastricht

Rozebottel’s Playboy Benelux winner NL-16 CAC CACIB BOB under best 6 in group

Rozebottel’s Grappa Benelux winner NL-16 CAC CACIB BOS

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie Benelux junior winner NL-16

Unico della Taparina Benelux junior winner-16 Benelux junior champion-16 BOB junior 

Rozebottel’s Mc Muffin 1U

European dogshow 2016, Brussels

We had a super day at the european dogshow in Brussels. In the best company we brought 5 dogs in the ring.

Rozebottel’s Grappa “Pip” “Princess” gained 3 new titles EUROPEAN WINNER 2016, Benelux winner Belgium 2016, Belgium winner 2016 and she won BEST OF BREED

Unico Della Taparina “Hugo” is now EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2016, Benelux junior winner Belgium 2016. Hugo was also BEST OF BREED JUNIOR and he made the cut in the big junior final.

Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicous “Berrie” EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2016, Benelux junior winner Belgium 2016.

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy “Bunny” reserve CAC reserve CACIB

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie “Brownie” BEST OF BREED PUPPY

47 entries in the breed, judged by Jef Verrees (B)

Split summer night shows 2016!

This year we spend our summer holidays in Split, Croatia. 
What a wonderful country, great people and a super show! 

During the 4 nights our dogs gained the following results:

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy “Bunny”

New Croatian Champion

3 x Best of Breed

2 x Group#3
Rozebottel’s Grappa “Pip”

3 x class winner with CAC

2 x Best of Opposite
Rozebottel’s Raisin in the sun “Rossin”

owner: Kristin

New Croatian Junior Champion

1 x BOB-junior
Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie “Brownie”

4 x BOB-puppy

3 x under last 6 in puppy best in show
Unico Della Taparina “Hugo”

New Croatian Junior Champion

3 x BOB-junior


13 Lagotto entered each day

Judges; M. Pogessi (I), R. Vuorinen (FIN), L. Volarikova (SK), O. Simon (HR)


3 entries in the breed each day

GrandCru Newton “Toni”

New Croatian Champion

2 x Best of Breed

1 x Group#2

1 x Group#1

Handled by Hedda H Hanssen

Bunny Group#3 for Rainer Vuotinen

IDS de Baronie, Hulten (NL)

Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicious made her debute. She won the CAC and Best of Breed!!!! 

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie was best minor puppy in breed and placed 4th in the big minor puppy BIS

6 lagotti entered for R. Feyaert (B)

Greyhound GrandCru Newton won the breed and is now International Champion. He made the cut in the group.

2 Greyhounds entered for R. Lochs-Roman (NL)


Bunny is this years Europasieger

Today we went to Dortmund for the Europasieger show. Bunny won the Europasieger title and became best of opposite. 

Vida (Rozebottel’s lucky you), owned by Micha Wisler, won openclass and VDH point. 

Congrats to all the winners!

Mack is having fun in the US!

Rozebottel’s Big Mac at GrandCru “Mack” is having a lot of fun with his friends and family in the USA. In the last couple of weeks he gained several group placements.

Last weekend he was shown two days and went home with a group#1 and a Group#2!!!! Not bad for a 13 months old boy.

Mack is handled expertly by Rindi Gaudet and owned by the most wonderful people; Melanie, Julie and Bonnie. You make us proud!


Roskilde, Denmark

Bunny got another group#3 placement at the IDS Roskilde in Denmark May 1st 2016.

Rozebottel’s Raisin in the sun (owner: Kristin Killingmo) was best puppy both days!

image image image