news 2012

About 2012

We bred two litters of Lagotto Romagnolo in 2012, all males. Rozebottel’s Big Spender stayed here with us. All other boys found wonderful homes. Several already started in working or show classes.


We never showed in Italy as much as during 2012, never knowing that we now can look back at an extremely successful year, not only as owners of our superstar Gleska Goody-Goody but also as a breeder of our youngsters.

We went 5 times to a Mostre Speciale/ Raduno, 4 times one of our girls won the CAC. Absolute highlights were CAC/ BOB and BEST IN SHOW for Gleska Goody-Goody in Rome (Raduno Italian breeds). She finished her Italian title that day. 🙂 🙂 🙂

But also the CAC for our homebred Rozebottel’s Grappa at THE Raduno in Bagnara di Romagna with an entry of 192 Lagotti will be in our mind forever. At the same show young Rozebottel’s Sir Maleagant went all the way to BEST IN SHOW PUPPY, like his mother Mintaka did 4 years ago.

Special wins

Gleska Goody-Goody
BIG-1 Groningen (NL), Hond van het Jaar show (NL), Asti (I), Utrecht (NL), Wijchen (NL)
BIG-2 Forli (I), Hulten (NL), Uden (NL), Liege (BE)
BIG-3 Milano (I), Vejen (DK), Herning (DK)
BIG-4 Gent (BE), Leiden (NL)
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Groningen (NL), Hond van het Jaar show (NL), Asti (I), Masters Trophy (BE)
BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY Raduno Razze Italiano Roma (I), KCM LCN (NL)

EUKANUBA GROUP (FCI-8) AWARD Winner in Holland for the second year in a row!
EUKANUBA WORLD CHALLENGE competition in Holland she became first Runner-up!

Lagotto of the year Denmark!

Dario di Casa Cleo
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Italian Breeds, Ravenna (I)

Rozebottel’s Grappa
BIG-3 Alkmaar (NL)
CAC winner, Raduno Bagnara di Romagna

Rozebottel’s Big Spender


New titles

Italian Champion – Gleska Goody-Goody
German Champion – Gleska Goody-Goody
Dutch Champion – Rozebottel’s Grappa
Luxembourg Champion – Rozebottel’s Grappa
Dansk Champion – Gleska Goody-Goody, Rozebottel’s Grappa

Dutch Youth Champion – Apache dei Boschi D’Oro

VDH Europasiegerin’12 – Gleska Goody-Goody
LCN Clubwinner’12 – Gleska Goody-Goody
Dansk winner’12 – Gleska Goody-Goody

VDH Europajugendsieger’12 – Apache dei Boschi D’Oro


Because there is nothing we like more than when good showdogs show that they also own the features to work as well, we encourage our Lagotti to find truffles or participate in waterwork.
Therefore we trained our Lagotti to use their noses and entered two of them, Rozebottel’s Grappa and Rozebottel’s Big Spender, at the worlds hardest working test for Lagotti: the test in Brisighella the day after the show in Bagnara.

Furthermore, during the year we visited Lagotto breeders all around Europe, to exchange knowledge and to learn more about the breed in general and their dogs and bloodlines in particular. To increase the general knowledge of the breed worldwide, we contributed to new techniques which make DNA research possible, f.e. testing the appearance of shorthair in Lagotti.