news 2009


2009 has been a wonderful year from different points of view and not only for us, but also for some of our true friends in the dog world. Both our curly coated breeds did extremely well on national and international competition level! We kicked off with some shows in Germany, Belgium, Holland and again Germany… and most of our dogs gained some really nice titles: a perfect training for the European Dogshow, which was held in Dublin.  On one of the fundamental grounds of the Irish horse racings, Totti and Ti Amo showed themselves real showstars, becoming European Winner ’09 and European Junior Winner ’09! A result we not even dared to dream of!

But there was more to come. Our dogs gave away a superb performance at the Clubshow of the Dutch Lagotto Club, for example! All our dogs where put up with the best four in the individual classes. Totti even managed to defend his Clubwinner title from the year before with great success and became Clubwinner 2009. Time to broaden the horizon: Bratislava was waiting for us. 

At the CAC show in Bratislava, Totti did it once again: in a strong competition field with 19 Lagotti he became Best of Breed. The World Dog Show was held the day after. 69 Lagotti where entered, Totti got the res. CAC! The day couldn’t get any better when Wetterhoun Rozebottel’s Rijnke Ranonkel became BOB and World Winner 2009!

After visiting more national and international shows, we ended this wonderful showyear with two other great wins for both the Lagotto and the Wetterhoun in our kennel. At the Amsterdam Winner Dario di Casa Cleo and Klazien-Jolk v.d. Kraay Heide managed to gain the Winner title!  At the Christmas show in Wijchen, we celebrated all the results with our friends Ilona (Casa Hoyas, PWD) and Trudie & Jenneke (Dal Podere Antico, Spinone Italiano) and Toon & Jolanda (Wyclydo’s, Clumber Spaniel). 

Special wins
Dario di Casa Cleo
BISS Lagotto Club Nederland
BIG2 Oldenburg Nat.
BOB European Dogshow

Dorbea Alnilam Starlight
BIG2 Oldenburg Int.

New championship titles for 2009
Finnish Champion – Dario di Casa Cleo
Amsterdam Winner ’09 – Dario di Casa Cleo, Klazien-Jolk v.d. Kraay Heide
Danish Winner ’09 – Dario di Casa Cleo
Danish Champion – Dario di Casa Cleo
Bundessieger ’09- Dario di Casa Cleo
World Winner 2009 – Rozebottel’s Rijnke Ranonkel
Clubwinner 2009 – Dario di Casa Cleo
Dutch Champion- Dario di Casa Cleo
European Winner ’09 – Dario di Casa Cleo
European Junior Winner ’09 – Dorbea Alnilam Star Light
German Junior Champion – Dorbea Alnilam Star Light
Dutch Junior Champion – Dorbea Alnilam Star Light
Saarland Sieger ’09 – Dario di Casa Cleo
German Champion – Klazien-Jolk v.d. Kraay Heide
Rheinlandsieger ’09 – Dario di Casa Cleo
Rheinland Jugendsieger ’09 – Dorbea Alnilam Star Light