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Croatian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch and Nordic Champion Rozebottel’s PlayBoy “Bunny” NLJCH-15 WWH-15 FCI EJW-15 LUXJCH-15 BWJLUX-15 CAMPIONE SOCIALE GIOVANI 2015 AJW-15 AW-15 BWJB-15 BJCH-15 ITALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION ESG-16 DW-16 NW-16 SW-16 FINW-16 HELW-16

Rozebottel's PlayBoy

Home bred

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father: Magic Storm’s Gibzon af Contezza
mother: Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe

d.o.b.: November 14, 2014

HD:  A
BFJE: Clear A/A
Shorthair:  Clear A/A T/T
Lagotto Storage disease:  Clear G/G

HUU: Clear G/G

vWD: Clear A/A

Eyes: Cataract, not clear november 2015

2015 BEST IN SHOW PUPPY WDS Milano (I), IDS Rotterdam (NL)
2015 BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR BeneluxWinnerShow Luxembourg (L)
2015 Group-2: Bleiswijk (NL)
2015 Group-3: Roma (I), Amsterdam (NL)

2016 JUNIOR BIS-3: Padova (I)

2016 Group-3: Martinidogshow (NL), Roskilde (DK)

2016 Group-1: Nordic Winner Show Herning (DK)

2017: Group-2: IDS Eindhoven (NL)


ITALIAN, Dutch, Slovenian, Belgian, Finnish, Swedish, VDH, Luxembourg, Danish, Norwegian, Nordic and International ChampionGleska Goody-Goody “Mc”CW’10 -’12 FCI-EW’10’14 WJW’10 BDSS’10 FCI-CW’11 Clubsiegerin’11 LRCD Clubsiegerin’11 LCS FW’11 NORDV’11 ES’12 DW’12 BWB’14

“our lovely little lady with her sweet temperament and shiny outcome will always say “hello” with a lot of kisses. She is the queen of the house in every aspect of it.”

import Sweden

father: Quasimodo del Monte della Dea

mother: Gleska Sweet Spot

d.o.b.: 22.03.2009

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BFJE: Free
short hair: carrier F/f

Storage disease: Normal G/G

Eyes: Clear, June 2016

Patella: Free
Eukanuba Award winner group 8, 2011 (NL)

Eukanuba Award winner group 8, 2012 (NL)

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Hond van het Jaar show 2011 (NL)

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Masters Trophy 2012 (BE)
2010: BISS Spanil and waterdog specialty (SLO)


2010: BIG#1 Stuttgart Nat (DE), Pordenone (I)

2010: BIG#2 Verona (I), Brussel (B)

2010: BIG#3 Stuttgart Int (DE)

2011: BISS LCS (CH)

2011: BIG#1 Rheinberg (DE), Mechelen (BE), Zwolle (NL), Wijchen (NL), Hond van het Jaar show (NL)

2011: BIG#3 Brussels (BE)

2011: BIS Zwolle (NL)

2011: Res BIS Wijchen (NL), Hond van het Jaar show (NL),

2012: BIG#1 Groningen (NL), Hond van het Jaar show (NL), Asti (I), Utrecht (NL), Wijchen (NL)

2012: BIG#2 Forli (I), Hulten (NL), Uden (NL), Liege (BE)

2012: BIG#3 Milano (I), Vejen (DK), Herning (DK)

2012: BIG#4 Leiden (NL)

2012: Res BIS Groningen (NL), Asti (I), Masters Trophy (BE)

2012: BISS Raduno Razze Italiano Roma (I), KCM LCN (NL)

2014: BIG#2 Oslo (N), Kortrijk (B)

2016: BIG#3 Crufts (UK)

2017: BIG#2 Antwerpen (B)