Bagnara di Romagna 2014

The Lagotto party of the year!!!

This year the judgement was devided over two days. On Friday baby, puppy and veterans were judged, on Saturday it was time for all other classes. As always the working trail was set on Sunday.

Friday we showed two babies. Rozebottel’s Lucky Strike “Willem” won his class and got selected for best head and best coat. His sister Rozebottel’s Lucky Moments “Wiesje” became second in her class and also got selected for best head. Friday all Lagotto were judged by Sergio Scarpallini (I)

Saturday the dogs were judged by Rafael de Santiago (Puerto Rico), Bitches were judged by Serena Bernardi (RSM). Absolute highlight was the CAC win for Wouter, and all the lovely comments for him.
Mc (Gleska Goody-Goody) and Muffin (Rozebottel’s Mc Muffin) were graded excellent. Toffe (Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe was second in intermediate class)

Sunday we entered Mc for the open class at the working trail, just to see if the spirit she has for waterwork would also be there for the truffles. OMG she has! She really surprised me with her drive on the mountain. What a fantastic work spirit she has. She seems to excel in the typical movements and het succesfull digs were rewarded with a VERY GOOD.
With that result she is now allowed to be entered in working class, and would also be an Italian champion in the new system.

After writing this down I still forgot to mention that absolute highlight of this trip; we were surrounded by some of our best friends.