Bagnara di Romagna 2013

We can write long or short stories about this years Raduno Nazionale in Bagnara di Romagna but the results speak for themselves.

192 lagotti were entered

This year there were 3 judges invited
Giovanni Morsiani judged; males champion, open, intermediate and junior
Gilberto Grandi judged; females champion, open, intermediate and junior 
Alessandro Zeppi judged; males and females baby, puppy and veteran

We entered 4 dogs for this years event, more than proud that all 4 got placed in their classes and all 3 adult dogs got selected for movement and construction competition.

Rozebottel’s Grappa 1st excellent in champion class CAMPIONE SOCIALE
Best of Opposite (BOS)
selected for best head
selected and made the cut for best coat
selected and WINNER of best movement and construction.

Rozebottel’s Big Spender 2nd excellent in intermediate class
selected and made the cut for best movement and construction

Rozebottel’s Pepemint Patty 3rd VP puppy class

Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe 2nd excellent junior class
selected for best movement and construction


Other results that make us proud:
owned by Sandra Schmidt
Rozebottel’s Candyman 4th excellent in intermediate class
Quasimodo del Monte della Dea’s daughter
Whoopi Amici per Sempre 1st excellent in junior class
Best of Breed junior

R Big Spender excellent 2 nd intermediate class Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe, exc 2 in junior class R Grappa champion class winner during best movement and construction competition R Grappa CAMPIONE SOCIALE R Pepermint Patty best group best movement and construction bis