As in every population of living subjects we find some genetic defects in dogs. As  far as we know today the following defects are found in the Lagotto Romagnolo. A positive test of one of those defects will not always say the dog has to suffer from it.

…..this page is subject to changes as insight in the breeds health is developing.

Like in quite some other breeds, hip dysplasia is a common abnormality in Lagotto. When this deviation occurs, you will see an abnormal formation of the hip socket that, in a severe form, can cause a crippling lameness and painful arthritis in the joints.

Most of the time, surgical interference is only meaningful when the dog is still at a very young age. Therefore it is very important to prevent future dogs from inheriting HD. Both breeders and breeding clubs are obliged to set criteria diminishing hip dysplasia by excluding dogs with HD D and HD E from breedingprograms.

At 12 months of age or older, the dog can be tested by making X-rays. The veterinarians associated to the Dutch Kennel Club will judge the X-rays, send the official testresult to the Kennel Club and in two weeks time the owner receives the official score. In case of doubt, there is always the possibility to re-hip, but in the end the worst of the two scores will count.

All our dogs are X-rayed at the age of approximately twelve months (health results are mentioned on their personal page).  We only breed with dogs scoring HD-A, HD-B or HD-C. In our opinion, the population size is big enough to be able to make a precise choice in using healthy breeding dogs.

Like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia is common to certain canine breeds like the Lagotto Romagnolo. ED is a …… to be continued

Eyes diseases 





Short hair (Furnishing)
Short hair is not a health issue but gives another appearance. 

LSD (Lagotto Storage Disease)
Early 2014 the first official test results from LSD came. The case reports describes a progressive neurological disease that will develop between 4 months of age and 4 years of age. At the moment the univeristy of Bern and Helsinki are working together on the ongoing study to this disease. The genetic marker is allready found, so no more sick puppies have to be born.

Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA)
Read the case report by T.S. Jokinen e.a.. The University of Bern and Helsinki are working together to find a DNA marker for this disease so no more sick puppies have to be born in the future.


Some Information about genetics
Q: Why does a puppie bred from a carrier parent and a normal parent of the following diseases in lagotto; BFJE, Furnishing, LSD, can’t get those diseases?
A:The inheritance of those diseases is autosomal resessive. In this case you need two copies of the gen to develop the disease. 

Q: Why can a puppie from two parents who both have excellent hips develop hip displasia?
A: There is much more than genetic that has influence on the development of healthy joints.