Rozebottel’s  Champions

Here you can find champions who are bred by us.

Born 2010:
Rozebottel’s Limoncello
German, Austria and Swiss junior champion. BOS Swiss Lagotto Clubshow 2011
Rozebottel’s Grappa Italian, Dutch, Luxembourg, Swedish, Danish, German champion. Dutch junior champion. EJW-11, EW-16

Born 2012:
Rozebottel’s Sir Parzival Czech Junior Champion
Rozebottel’s Big Spender Dutch and German junior champion, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, German and Croatia Champion. EW-14
Rozebottel’s Billionaire Swedish and Danish Champion

Born 2013:

Rozebottel’s Pepermint Patty
Dutch and German Youth Champion, Dutch Champion
Rozebottel’s Betty Boop Dutch Youth Champion, Dutch Champion, International champion

Rozebottel’s Mc Muffin Dutch, Belgium and Benelux Junior Champion. JWW-14, AJW-14, AW-14. Dutch Champion 

Rozebottel’s Mc Steamy Swedish, Norwegian, Nordic and Danish Champion

Born 2014:

Rozebottel’s Rivella Austrian junior champion

Rozebottel’s PlayBoy Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch and. Nordic ChampionLuxembourg junior champion, Benelux junior champion, Dutch junior champion, Italian junior champion WWH-15, EJW-15 AJW-15 AW-15 DW-16 NW-16 SW-16 FINW-16 HELW-16

Rozebottel’s Johnny Boy champion of Montenegro 

Rozebottel’s Oh So Lucky Norwegian champion

Born 2015:

Rozebottel’s Big Mac GrandCru American Champion, American Grand Champion, BEST OF BREED Westminster 2016 &2017. BIS winner all breed and specialty. 

Rozebottel’s Big Bang Australian Champion

Rozebottel’s Raisin in the Sun Croatian Junior Champion

Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicious Dutch junior champion, EJW-16

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie American Champion DKJW-16 DKW-16 NJW-16 SEJW-16 SEW-16 Crufts 2017 BOB

Rozebottel’s Toffee Blondie Dutch Junior Champion