KCM Lagotto Romagnolo Club Nederland

We had a super succesfull day at the Dutch specialty.  We entered 7 dogs and in addition there were 3 other Rozebottel’s entered by their owners. 

We are proud, happy and thankful to the team of wonderful people around us. 

37 entries for judge Dinanda Mensink (NL)
The Boys

Rozebottel’s Playboy CAC and BOS. New Dutch Champion

Unico della Taparina reserve CAC

Gleska Made my Day Junior CAC 

The girls

Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie CLUBWINNER 2017, CAC and BOB

Rozebottel’s Toffee Blondie Junior CAC and reserve CAC. New Dutch Junior Champion

Gleska Goody-Goody veteran CAC, BOB-veteran

Rozebottel’s fashionista BOB-puppy (8 puppies entered), owner Laura Smits

Rozebottel’s Pepermint patty 1exc in Champion class, co-owner Astrid Straaijer

Rozebottel’s Betty Boop 2exc in Champion class, owner Erik Haartman and Ismay Vet

Rozebottel’s Chocochips cupcake 1exc in intermediate class, owners Sjef and Annemarie Hoogendoorn. 
We were the only breedersgroup and by that they won BOB breedersgroup. For the occasion we brought all 7 in the ring.