Gleska Made my Day

Gleska Made my Day “Will”

date of birth: 22-05-2016
registration number: NHSB 3072026
country of origin: Sweden
height: 48 cm
color: Brown roan

Demon della Cascinetta
Zeus Cora
Regun Mango Morgan
Regun Alfa Musa della Cascinetta
Taro del Monte della Dea
Quasimodo del Monte della Dea Sallyfarnie
Gleska Goody Two Shoes Bonebreakers Coppertino
Gleska Sweet Spot Risungs Bellezia

test result test date
HD HD A 22-05-2017
patella 0-1 11-04-2018
ECVO clear 17-06-2020
BFJE clear 12-05-2017
LSD clear 12-05-2017
HUU clear 12-05-2017
NAD clear 12-05-2017
Furnishing clear 12-05-2017
Officiële gezondheidsuitslagen Gleska Made my Day “Will”

By using the button below this message you can find Will his personal page within the Dutch Kennel Club database. The Dutch Kennel Club is also known as Raad van Beheer.

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