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Our bitches
Below is an overview of our bitches. Via the links you can visit the personal page of each bitch at and at Dutchdogdata is the database of the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer), where you can find all dogs registered in the studbook in the Netherlands and their official health results. is a public database built by breeders worldwide where you can enter, among other things, test combinations.

For our breeding programme, we work with a diverse group of dogs. The importance of genetic diversity combined with health and behaviour is always paramount for us.

We do not believe in only breeding with completely free parent animals or the lowest possible inbreeding percentage.

We base our breeding programme on the knowledge we have gained over the generations behind our dogs. We use this knowledge to make the lagotto population just a little bit better.
Because even if the inbreeding percentage over 6 generations is very low, if in the generations before these dogs there are dogs carrying the same undesirable trait then the chances of it coming back in the pups are very high.

Unfortunately, several breed descriptions still state that the lagotto can be cautious, while this is not in the breed standard. Unfortunately we also see that the lagotto can show real fear and aggression, it is up to the breeder to take this into consideration for any proposed combination.

This means that breeders have a great responsibility in improving genetic behavioural components. In addition to ensuring a solid foundation for every puppy born.

Breeding with carriers
We also breed with dogs that are carriers of hereditary defects known in the breed that emerge during DNA testing and recessive* in nature.

The advantage of continuing to use these dogs is that you also preserve the genetic variation in the breed. Of course, carriers are always combined with a partner who is free of the same hereditary problem known in the breed. This way, you make sure that puppies from these combinations will never develop the disease. Because to develop a recessive known disease problem, the pup has to get the gene from both parents.

Should we choose not to use the known genetic diseases in the breed we will have a narrower genetic base as a result. Which in turn may cause currently unknown diseases to be expressed.



Pumpkin was born with us and is currently having her second litter. Pumpkin is a very intelligent little dog which loves to work.

Rosehip's I'm Made of Soul

Zola is a slightly smaller female with a very friendly and calm temperament. We hope to breed a litter with her in 2024.

Rozebottel's Zêzere

Ella was born with us, she had a litter from which we kept a female ourselves. We hope to have a litter from her in 2024.

Rozebottel's Ella Cruella

Ginger was born with us and lived for a period in the USA. She fills her days with cuddling and hanging out on the couch. We hope to breed a litter with Ginger in 2024 or 2025.

Rozebottel's Mumm de Mumm

Queenie was born in the USA to two dogs bred by us. We hope to have her second litter in 2024.

Rozebottels Queen of hearts at Kimik

Druifje was born with us. Energetic and willing to work, that's Druifje. But also very affectionate. She will have her last litter with us in 2024.

Rosehip's Massi Fitti

Viva was born with us and very enthusiastic in temperament in addition she stands out there her very breed-typical appearance. We hope to have puppies from her in 2024 or 2025.

Rosehip's Love of my Life

Chips was born with us and was the only puppy in that litter. She is the daughter of Pumpkin. Chips is a very affectionate doggie which is quiet in the house and active outside. We are hoping for her first litter in 2024.

Rosehip Tortilla

Butterfly was born with us. Gentle doggie who enjoys the presence of her humans. She is currently having her second and final litter.

Rozebottel's Farfalle