Our vision

The mental and physical health of the parent form the basis of every dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat is born here. So for us it is important that (where possible) we get as much sufficient insight into the ancestors of our dogs. If the opportunity arises we try to meet the dogs that are behind our own dogs, like parens and grand parents. That we have to travel to accomplish this, sometimes long distances, has never withheld us from doing this.

Besides good mental and physical health, we also aim to breed, breed typical dogs. But this must never be at the expense of the mental and physical health of both parents and their puppies. However, we are well aware that no matter how much we do our best, full guarantees can never been given.

Our puppies are all dewormed, vaccinated and chipped. In addition, you will receive a pedigree issued by the Dutch Kennel Club and a European pet passport from us. We work with a purchase contract, which of course you can read through at home before you pick up the puppy.

We try to prepare you as much as possible for the arrival of the puppy by giving you sufficient information in advance. We do this with the aid of a digital information folder that we have compiled. When you visit us we will inform you about raising the pup, grooming your lagotto and breed specific characteristics. But it does’t stop there, even when the puppy is in his new family we are always ready to answer your questions.

We also offer various possibilities to keep in touch and to exchange experiences after getting your puppy. We attach great importance to good mutual contact.