Rozebottel’s  Champions

Here you can find champions who are bred by us.

Born 2010
Rozebottel’s Limoncello
German, Austria and Swiss junior champion. BOS Swiss Lagotto Clubshow 2011
Rozebottel’s Grappa Italian, Dutch, Luxembourg, Swedish, Danish, German champion. Dutch junior champion. EJW-11, EW-16 VWW-18. BOS Raduno CIL 2013

Born 2012
Rozebottel’s Sir Parzival Czech Junior Champion
Rozebottel’s Big Spender Dutch and German junior champion, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Luxemburg, German and Croatia Champion. EW-14
Rozebottel’s Billionaire Swedish and Danish Champion

Born 2013
Rozebottel’s Pepermint Patty
Dutch and German Youth Champion, Dutch Champion
Rozebottel’s Betty Boop Dutch Youth Champion, Dutch Champion, International champion, Belgium Champion
Rozebottel’s Mc Muffin Dutch, Belgium and Benelux Junior Champion. JWW-14. Dutch Champion
Rozebottel’s Mc Steamy Swedish, Norwegian, Nordic and Danish Champion

Born 2014
Rozebottel’s Rivella Austrian junior champion
Rozebottel’s PlayBoy Dutch, Croatian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Nordicinternational champion. Luxembourg junior champion, Benelux junior champion, Dutch junior champion, Italian junior champion WWH-15, EJW-15
Rozebottel’s Johnny Boy champion of Montenegro.
Rozebottel’s Oh So Lucky Norwegian champion
Rozebottel’s Boy-oh-Boy Swedish champion

Born 2015
Rozebottel’s Big Mac GrandCru American Champion, American (Gold) Grand Champion, BEST OF BREED Westminster 2016 &2017&2018. BIS winner all breed and specialty.
Rozebottel’s Big Bang Australian Champion
Rozebottel’s Thyme Will Tell Norwegian champion, Dutch Champion, Dutch Junior champion, AJW-16 AW-16
Rozebottel’s Raisin in the Sun Croatian Junior Champion, Norwegian Champion
Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicious Dutch champion, Dutch junior champion, EJW-16
Rozebottel’s Caramel Brownie American Champion, Dutch, Ukraine Champion EW-17 Crufts 2017 BOB
Rozebottel’s Toffee Blondie Dutch Junior Champion
Rozebottel’s Chocochip Cupcake Dutch Champion, Clubwinner 2018

Born 2016
Rozebottel’s Pollux Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian champion EJW’17 Junior champion of Ukraine

Born 2017
Rozebottel’s Bad Hair Day Lithuanian Junior champion, Estonian junior champion