Raduno C.I.L.

several times we have visited the largest club show in Italy with our dogs. Below an overview of the achieved results and some impressions.

Bagno di Romagna (Italy)

minor puppy, puppy and veteran
Judge: D. Poltri (I)

Rozebottel’s Prickly Pear 2 VP

All other classes
Judges: F. Balducci (males) & G. Mentasti (females)

Unico della Taparina EXC
Gleska Made My Day 1EXC Campione Sociale Giovani 2017 BOB-JUNIOR
Rozebottel’s Mc Muffin 2EXC
Rozebottel’s Carame Brownie EXC
Rozebottel’s Strawberrylicous 3EXC

Bagnara di Romagna

Raduno CIL 2015
For a change we decided to fly to Italy for the annual Raduno (Clubshow). For that reason we could only bring 2 dogs. Our friends who co-own R Mc Dreamy “Derek” rescheduled their holiday and joined us for the weekend.
The joy to go to the biggest Lagotto event in Italy, to meet all the people, to talk about the breed, to have FUN and to enjoy the good food are something we look forward to the whole year.

In the past years our dogs did extremely well under different judges. But this year beats every other year. Boy-o-Boy the boys did great.

Dogs were judged by G. Grandi.

The day started with the champion class, we entered Rozebottel’s Big Spender “Wouter” in this class. A total of 11 boys from around the world were entered and the quality was high. Wouter won the champion class, what a thrill.

From there we had to wait until the end of the day before Derek and Bunny were judged.

In between we saw Regun Mango (sire of our current litter of R Grappa) winning the reserve CAC.

Derek (R Mc Dreamy) did a fantastic job at his second show ever. He was placed 3rd in intermediate.

Now it was time for the crazy youngster. There were 16 junior dogs entered. Bunny (Rozebottel’s PlayBoy) won junior dog and with that he gained a new title CAMPIONE SOCIALE GIOVANI 2015 (club junior winner).

After a break they started with the judging of best junior, Bunny won BEST JUNIOR.

After that they continued with the best dog competition. Both boys went back in the ring. Bunny decided he only wanted to to do his stuff with Katrien. We decided to swop for the up and down. The judge asked to do one more round with Bunny. He took the microphone and said; even if he didn’t behave so well with the other person, this was myBEST DOGalready!!! 

Just couldn’t believe it.

Bunny is only 10 MONTHS OLD. And became best dog of more than 70 adult dogs.

As the best dog was a junior: the winners of champion, CAC and working class had to come back for the CAMPIONE SOCIALE 2015 (Clubwinner). Could it get any better? Yes!!!! Wouter took the title two years after his mother did the same.

Both boys were selected for best movement and construction, best coat and best head.

The most precious of those 3 for us is the movement and construction one. Just because this is something we think is really important for every dog. A good construction and sound movement supports the dogs health and condition.

Bunny won MOVEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION. Just like Grappa did 2 years ago.

At the end of the day Bunny gave a great performance in the best of breed competition which was judged by G. Morsiani who judged the bitches. Bunny ended a fantastic day as BEST OF OPPOSITE.

The pleasure of meeting some friends (not all were there) who always stay, even if we might have different opinions sometimes and even if we breed different type and work on different goals. How we can talk about our dogs with a clear, open and honest vision. But the deep respect for each other and support makes us feel that those friends just get better and better friends. A big thank you for you all. The long talks with you and your support are a big part of the success we can celibate today. Un grande abbracci

Bagnara di Romagna

The Lagotto party of the year!!!

This year the judgement was devided over two days. On Friday baby, puppy and veterans were judged, on Saturday it was time for all other classes. As always the working trail was set on Sunday.

Friday we showed two babies. Rozebottel’s Lucky Strike “Willem” won his class and got selected for best head and best coat. His sister Rozebottel’s Lucky Moments “Wiesje” became second in her class and also got selected for best head. Friday all Lagotto were judged by Sergio Scarpallini (I)

Saturday the dogs were judged by Rafael de Santiago (Puerto Rico), Bitches were judged by Serena Bernardi (RSM). Absolute highlight was the CAC win for Wouter, and all the lovely comments for him.
Mc (Gleska Goody-Goody) and Muffin (Rozebottel’s Mc Muffin) were graded excellent. Toffe (Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe was second in intermediate class)

Sunday we entered Mc for the open class at the working trail, just to see if the spirit she has for waterwork would also be there for the truffles. OMG she has! She really surprised me with her drive on the mountain. What a fantastic work spirit she has. She seems to excel in the typical movements and het succesfull digs were rewarded with a VERY GOOD.
With that result she is now allowed to be entered in working class, and would also be an Italian champion in the new system.

After writing this down I still forgot to mention that absolute highlight of this trip; we were surrounded by some of our best friends.

Bagnara di Romagna

We can write long or short stories about this years Raduno Nazionale in Bagnara di Romagna but the results speak for themselves.

192 lagotti were entered

This year there were 3 judges invited
Giovanni Morsianijudged; males champion, open, intermediate and junior
Gilberto Grandijudged; females champion, open, intermediate and junior 
Alessandro Zeppijudged; males and females baby, puppy and veteran

We entered 4 dogs for this years event, more than proud that all 4 got placed in their classes and all 3 adult dogs got selected for movement and constructioncompetition.

Rozebottel’s Grappa 1st excellent in champion class CAMPIONE SOCIALE
Best of Opposite (BOS)
selected for best head
selected and made the cut for best coat
selected and WINNERof best movement and construction.

Rozebottel’s Big Spender2nd excellent in intermediate class
selected and made the cut for best movement and construction

Rozebottel’s Pepemint Patty3rd VP puppy class

Gingercreek Truffle Perfect Toffe2nd excellent junior class
selected for best movement and construction

Other results that make us proud:

owned by Sandra Schmidt
Rozebottel’s Candyman4th excellent in intermediate class

Quasimodo del Monte della Dea’s daughter
Whoopi Amici per Sempre1st excellent in junior class
Best of Breed junior

Bagnara di Romagna

As always in the second weekend of October it was time for THE Raduno. We traveled to Emilia Romagna for a weekend full of joy, meeting lagotto friends, visit breeders, learn more and more about the breed and the raduno and working test.

We had some lovely dinners, made some nice walks and there was even time to relax in between.

The raduno had a record entry of 200 lagotti, we showed 3 of our dogs and they all got an individual placement in large and high quality classes. We started with Gleska Goody-Goody, she was placed 4th in champion class. Immediately after the biggest class in bitches started open class. We entered Rozebottel’s Grappa in this class and being selected with best four dogs in this class made me so proud. Just minutes later she ended by winning her class, that was an absolute highlight for me as a breeder/owner. Could it get even better? YES!!!Rozebottel’s Grappa CAC WINNER!!!!!!
After a short break it was time to bring the puppies in the ring, we entered Rozebottel’s Big Spender, at just 6,5 months of age he ended up as 2nd best puppy boy. His nephew Rozebottel’s Sir Maleagant “Gimli”(owner: Christine Frei) won puppy class males and ended the day as BOB-PUPPY!!!!

Rozebottel’s Grappa was also selected for the 3 extra competitions: Best head, best coat and best movement&construction. In movement and construction she made it up to the final 4!!!!!

Males: Gilberto Grandi
Females: Professore Giovanni Morsiani

Bagnara di Romagna

Results 2011
Rozebottel’s Grappa excellent 2nd, intermediate class
Gleska Goody- Goody excellent 4th, open class
Apache dei Boschi D’Oro very promising 3rd, baby class

Females, Mrs. Renee Spore-Willes
Males, Professore Giovanni Morsianni

Bagnara di Romagna

Results 2008
Dario di Casa Cleo excellent, open class
Dorbea Alnilam Star Light Very promising, puppy class
Mintaka very promising 1st, BOB PUPPY

Males, Professore Giovanni Morsiani
Females, Gilberto Grandi