Getting to know the breed

Several times a year, we go for walks together with Rosehip's owners. The location changes. If you would like to get acquainted with the breed, you might like to join us for a walk once.

It is also possible to get acquainted with the lagotto by visiting one of the many families on the breed association's visit list.

Getting to know the breed can also be done at one of the LRCN's activities or an all-breed exhibition.

Rosehip's walk

Retrieved from 2 April 2023 our first lagotto litter celebrates their 13th birthday! We think this is a great time to take another walk together.

date: Sunday 2 April 2023
departure walk: 10.30am, gather from 10am at the car park opposite the restaurant.
location: Bosch en Duin, Schoorstraat 50, 5071 RC Udenhout.

You don't have to let us know you are coming.

LRCN visit list

The LRCN, Lagotto Romagnolo Club Netherlands, has found some enthusiastic members willing to share their experiences about the breed with you. This gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the lagotto in the family and learn from experienced lagotto owners.

Exhibitions and activities LRCN 2023

During one of the activities of the LRCN or a show for all breeds it is possible to meet the lagotto. Do you want to know if there are lagotto entered and what time they are due? Often you can find this information a week before the event on the website of the organisation or on


No activities are planned as far as we know at the moment.


Saturday, 4 March: International dog show in Groningen
* lagotti were enrolled.

Saturday 18 March: International dog show in Hazerwoudersdorp
* lagotti were enrolled.



Monday 10 April: National exhibition in Goes.

Sunday 23 April: Championship club match and family day of the LRCN.
* here will be many lagotti and their owners present!

Saturday 29 April: International exhibition Oss


Monday 29 May: Pentecost show Gorinchem


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