About us

On this page we will tell you a little bit more about us.

Born and raised between animals  and dogs Katrien literally grew op in the dog world. On her first dogshow picture she is still in her cradle. Her parents showed a Drentse Pratrijs (Dutch Partridge dog) those days. Later on there came Stabijhoun (Frisian Pointing Dog) and some years later the first Wetterhoun (Frisian Water Dog) entered the family. This Wetterhoun was an absolute star > Victor Lolke v.d. Lisse Dodde. He was shown often with good results.

Some years later also Golden Retriever entered the family while both Katrien and her father were willing to have a sweet dog like a Golden. From the age of 12 years Katrien started to compete in Junior Handling competitions and her interest in showing dogs grew bigger and bigger. At the age of 17 years she got her first own dog, a Golden retriever male called Gentle Giant Gett v.d. Kraay Heide. He had some nice results in the show ring but was never a real show star. But the best pet ever of course.

In 1999 Katrien bred her first litter of Wetterhoun, a good start. This litter had only 2 puppies and Multi Ch. Rozebottel’s Rikbertht Rykman was one of them. In 2002 the first Golden litter was born . During quite some years showing became a second hobby after sports; Katrien still competed in dogshows but not as much as before.

2002 was the year Katrien met Saskia. And they shared the same love for dogs. There were 3 goldens and 2 wetterhoun in the family at that time. During summer holidays in 2007 Italy was the country to visit. Not only for holidays but also to visit some breeders of Lagotto Romagnolo. During one of the visits we got the tip to visit kennel “di Casa Cleo” and met Dario di Casa Cleo as a puppy, who clearly decided he was ready to leave Italy, willing to go with the girls for a new adventure. During the following years, several more Lagotti joined the family and on this website you can see where we are now.

Saskia grew op with dogs and other small animals. but only one dog at the time: they had Chow Chow and Yorkshire terrier. After having met Katrien she fell in love with the Wetterhoun; both in temperament and in expression. Her very first dog since their relationship, however, became a Golden Retriever; Rozebottel’s Incognito “Henkie”: a male out of Inassicas Coriander and Cydippesgiggle v.d. Kraay Heide. However Henkie doesn’t like the show world that much, he is a dog of outstanding reliability and unconditional friendship.

In 2010 Saskia finally got the wetterhoun male she wanted to have for quite some time: Rozebottel’s Franz Joseph (out of Hotze fan de Gauster Hoppen and Klazien-Jolk v.d. Kraay Heide). After a special introduction into the world of the sighthounds and visiting the European Championship Coursing in Oirschot (July 2011), Saskia fell in love with the Greyhound. Not much later, on September 10th, 2011 a dream came true. Tixi (out of Showline Sporting Trophy at Sobers and Shakyra della Caveja), went home with her from Fusignano (Italy) to Holland. That’s how group 10 got represented in Kennel Rozebottel’s.